Wally the Green Monster - Boston Red Sox Mascot
Wally the Green Monster - Boston Red Sox Mascot

Wally the Green Monster - Boston Red Sox Mascot

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Great soft cuddly baseball mascot for all Wally the Green Monster fans.

The mascot of the Boston Red Sox is Wally the Green Monster who is named after the famous 37.2-foot high left field wall at Boston’s Fenway Park. Wally is said to have lived since 1947 within the famous wall that is his namesake. But, he only came out to become the Red Sox mascot on April 13, 1997. Wally’s early popularity was largely the result of stories about him made up by broadcaster Jerry Remy who told the stories during televised Red Sox games.

Wally wears a Red Sox uniform with the number 97 in honor of the year of his emergence from the wall. He loves meeting the fans from Red Sox Nation, singing “Take Me Out to the Ball Game” during the seventh inning stretch, attending special events throughout the Boston area, and traveling to Fort Myers, Florida, for spring training at jetBlue Park.

It is due to his visits to Fort Meyers that a rivalry has sprung up between Wally the Green Monster and TC Bear of the Minnesota Twins who also use Fort Myers for spring training. Each year this competition plays out at the All-Star Game with the mascot All-Star Game home run derby.

Wally the Green Monster Bio

Birthday: May 15
Cap size: 37
Favorite Food: Anything he can sneak from the concessions at Fenway Park

The “Green Monster,” for which Wally was named, was part of the original Fenway Park construction but was covered with advertising, just called “The Wall,” and not painted green until 1947, the year of Wally’s birth.

Wally grew up long after the Red Sox “Golden Era” of 1901 to 1919 when the team won the first World Series (1903) and five more times ending in 1918. Then the Bambino Curse struck the team as it traded away a young player named Babe Ruth to the New York Yankees! The Red Sox did not win the series again until the “Wally Era” in 2004!