Major League Baseball Mascots

Some of the most entertaining and memorable experiences at a major league baseball game are due to the antics of the home team’s mascot. The Cubs mascot, Clark, wears a bear cub costume and helps kids run the bases. The Phillie Phanatic mascot of the Philadelphia Phillies is big, green, and a lot of fun. He loves to torment the opposing players. TC Bear of the Minnesota Twins is a tribute to a cartoon bear that appeared in beer commercials years before. Wally the Green Monster at Boston is named for the famously high, and green, left field fence in Fenway Park.

If you would like to collect these mascots, we have them for you. From the first Major League Baseball Mascot, Mr. Met of the New York Mets, to the “sort of mascots,” the Racing Presidents of the Washington Nationals, you can have any of them.

Please browse through our selection the mascots that add fun to Major League baseball games, cheer on the fans, and endear themselves to one and all.