Southpaw - Chicago White Sox
Southpaw - Chicago White Sox

Southpaw - Chicago White Sox

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Southpaw has been the mascot of the Chicago White Sox since June 13, 2004. This most-likable of all White Sox fans tends to confuse strangers to Guaranteed Rate Field on Chicago’s South Side. At first glance, many believe Southpaw to be an alligator or perhaps a large frog. Some have even compared dear Southpaw to an old, dirty sock. But, the Chicago White Sox mascot is none of these. He is simply a fuzzy green dude and avid White Sox fan.

Southpaw can be found at every White Sox home game but he also does lots of appearances around the Chicago area at hospitals, schools, parades, and parties. A special treat was to be part of the first inaugural parade for White Sox fan, President Barak Obama.

Southpaw is really proud to be part of one of the original eight American league teams dating back to 1901. They won the World Series in 1906 and again in1918 led by Eddie Collins, Eddie Cicotte, and Shoeless Joe Jackson. But, the 1919 series was marred by the so-called Black Sox scandal in which several White Sox players were accused of not only betting on the series but also conspiring to lose it to the Cincinnati Reds. The end result was that the White Sox players who were implicated were banned from major league baseball for life. The White Sox did not win another World Series until 2005, the year after they hired Southpaw!

Southpaw Bio

Born: South side of Chicago
Lives: Chicago, IL
Height: Six feet, four inches
Weight: six hundred twenty-one baseballs
First Major League Game: June 13, 2004
Bats and throws: Left-handed (obviously)
Genus and Species: Fuzzy Green Dude
Favorite Food: Ants on a Log (celery sticks with a layer of peanut butter and sprinkled with raisins) are Southpaw’s first choice, but Fuzzy Green Dudes will eat pretty much anything!
Pet: Once had a pet rock but the rock rolled away