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The Tampa Bay Rays have no shortage of mascots with Raymond the Sea Dog, DJ Kitty, and Stinger. The original name of the team was the Tampa Bay Stingrays, in reference to manta rays from the Gulf of Mexico. Although not officially a mascot, Stinger is a plush stingray with a nose more like a cow’s. Since 2013, Stinger has been the greeter at the touch tank above center field. He is the only manta ray allowed outside the tank.

Stinger Bio

Born: Gulf of Mexico
Birth Year: 2013
Height: 5 feet 5 inches
Weight: 150 pound
First MLB Game: 2014
Position: Designated Greeter
Throws: High Fives
Favorites: The song “Fins” (Jimmy Buffett) and SpongeBob Square Pants

Raymond has been a Tampa Bay Rays mascot since June 21, 1998. He is a furry blue critter who is partial to large sneakers and wearing his Tampa Bay Rays baseball cap backwards. Wearing his team jersey, Raymond greets and entertains fans at all of the home games. And, he is active in the community as well. Despite differing opinions as to his genus and species, Raymond is a Sea Dog.

Raymond Bio

Name: Raymond Ray

Born: Gulf of Mexico
First MLB Game: June 21, 1998
Throws: Fun in the ballpark
Catches: Mostly colds
Bats: Scared of them
Favorites: The color blue, Mozart’s Fifth Concerto, the song “Blue,” Hairy Potter
Does Not Like: Falling off walls, hairballs, being forced to take a bath, having to clean nacho cheese out of his hair

And, the third Tampa Bay Rays mascot is DJ Kitty who started in 2013 and was inspired by a kitty dancing to music and playing a DJ system.

DJ Kitty Bio

Name: DJ Kitty
Born: Tropicana Field (out back somewhere)
Age: Has nine lives
Height: Six feet
Weight: 200 pounds
Position: Designated Disc Jockey
Loves: Mullet, caviar, sushi, “Josie and the Pussycats”