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Since 1990 the mascot of the Seattle Mariners has been Mariner Moose. He is a moose wearing a mariner uniform that entertains at home games and appears at hospitals, wedding receptions, and pretty much any place where there are Mariner fans. Mariner Moose was born from the imaginations of more 2,500 young children who submitted mascot ideas.

Mariner Moose is not just a fuzzy and likable Moose who entertains fans. He is an athletic Moose who goes to great lengths to make fans happy. Unfortunately, Mariner Moose has the injuries to prove the lengths to which will go to do his job. When the Mariners took on the Yankees in the 1995 American League Division Series, Mariner Moose crashed into an outfield wall in the Kingdome. He was on inline skates and being towed behind an ATV. But, since the Mariners moved to T-Mobile Park and its natural grass and then to Safeco Field, Mariner has had to be content with driving his ATV around the warning track, doing tricks for the fans, and getting ice water from bullpen coolers dumped on his head by the bullpen pitchers.

The time that he nearly ran over opposing player, Coco Crisp, made the Red Sox pitching coach, John Farrell really angry, but in the end, everyone loves the Mariner Moose.

The thing that people need to understand about Mariner Moose is that besides being a handsome and engaging moose, he never gives up on the Mariners. The Mariners have not qualified for a playoff berth since 2001 which is the longest “drought” of this kind in professional sports. Nevertheless, Mariner Moose puts on his uniform for every home game and goes to visit kids in hospitals to keep up everyone’s spirits. He is, in fact, the moose who never gives up hope!