D. Baxter the Bobcat - Arizona Diamondbacks
D. Baxter the Bobcat - Arizona Diamondbacks

D. Baxter the Bobcat - Arizona Diamondbacks

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D. Baxter the Bobcat became the official mascot for the Arizona Diamondbacks on June 23, 2000. The antics of this friendly critter quickly won the hearts of fans at Bank One Ballpark (BOB) and later Chase Field. Baxter the Bobcat does not use the “D” in his name but it refers to the “D-backs” whose mascot he is. Baxter is a bobcat because his creator, Brantley Bell (son of a D-Backs player) wanted a reference to Bank One Ballpark, the original name of the stadium where the D-Backs played. (BOB) And, of course, there are bobcats in the wilds of Arizona as well. Brantley Bell, by the way, has grown up and is an infielder in the Cincinnati Reds minor league system.

Baxter does not just cavort with fans at the ballpark. He takes his civic responsibilities seriously, visiting schools, hospitals, and other events throughout the state of Arizona. Baxter makes as many as 400 appearances a year in addition to his ballpark duties. Even his den at the stadium is located on the upper concourse of the stadium in the Phoenix Children’s Hospital “Sandlot.” Baxter is always happy to sign autographs and pose for a photo or two.


Baxter is proud to be a part of the Diamondbacks organization. He likes to brag about how the D-Backs won a world series defeating the New York Yankees in 2001, in just their fourth major league season and the second year he was with the team.

D. Baxter Bobcat Bio

Major League Baseball Debut: June 23, 2000

Weights: more than two hundred pounds

Hat Size: Twenty-two and three-eights

Residence: Chase Field, Baxter’s Den

Yearly Community Appearances: Always  more than 300

Friends: Louie the Lumberjack, Scorch, Stryker, Wilbur, Sparky, Big Red, Beto el Coyote, and D-Backs organist, Bobby Freeman

Foes: Dinger (Rockies), Swinging Friar (Padres), and Lou Seal (Giants)