Clark - Chicago Cubs

Clark - Chicago Cubs

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A friendly young bear cub, named Clark, has been the mascot for the Chicago Cubs since 2014. Clark visits with and entertains fans at Wrigley Field, located at Addison and Clark on Chicago’s North Side. The mascot’s name is in honor of the location of the Cub’s 105-year-old baseball stadium. Besides his antics at Wrigley Field, Clark is active in the Chicago area and throughout Illinois with community-related activities. In fact, he was introduced as the Cub’s mascot at the pediatric department of Chicago’s Advocate Illinois Masonic Medical Center which he visited with several Cubs players.

At the ballpark, Clark loves the fans and, especially, the kids. On Family Sundays, Clark just loves to help kids run the bases and families are always welcome to visit Clark’s Clubhouse Wrigley Field. Clark usually wears the Cubs home uniform but occasionally he chooses a more casual look with the batting practice uniform and brown pants. His “twitter handle” is on the back of his jersey.

Although Clark is a new mascot for the Cubs he loves being part of a team that dates back to the original National League in 1876 (as the White Stocking). The Cubs are one of two remaining original members of the current National League along with the Atlanta Braves. The recently won the National League Pennant and World Series in 2016 (Clark’s third season) to end the longest “World Series drought” in history (1908 to 2016).

Clark the Cub Bio

Debut with Cubs: January 13, 2014

Full Name: Clark the Cub

Most favorite color: Cubs Blue

Favorite song: “Go Cubs Go”

Most favorite place to vacation: Mesa, Arizona (Cubs spring training)

Hobbies: Paling around with Clark’s crew kids and practicing T-ball swing

Most Favorite Movie: "Rookie of the Year"

Most proud of: Winning the 2018 Mascot Home Run Derby and helping the Cubs win the 2016 World Series