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Billy the Marlin has been the mascot for the Miami Marlins ever since the first season of the expansion team in 1993. He meets and entertains fans at Marlin games and competes in a (computer animation) boat race during every game. He dances with kids between innings, on the field, and makes special Fan Zone appearances.

Billy is hard to miss at Marlins games, not only because he is a fish, but because in his costume he is 8 feet tall and weighs 250 pounds. And, of course, he is always active, clowning around and playing good-natured pranks. Every game in the middle of the fifth inning, Billy does his own special routine for fans.

Billy was chosen in the 1993 pre-season for his fantastic rapport with fans, his great sense of humor, and his competitive spirit and cunning in baseball. Billy’s parents, William and Willamina Marlin are very proud of their son and occasionally visit the stadium to appear with Billy during Marlins games. When Billy is not busy at the park, he is active in the community

Billy the Marlin Bio

Height: 8 feet tall

Weight in bare fins: 250 pounds

Length of his Bill: 22 inches

Measurements: from tip of back fin to tip of the bill, 44 inches

Age: Unknown, first sighted February 25, 1993

Born: Atlantic Ocean

Eyes: black pupils, eyebrows, and eyelashes with white eyeballs

Skin: Scaly like a marlin

Alma Mater: Atlantis University

Favorite Movies and TV Shows: A Fish Called Wanda and Flipper

Favorite Food: Sardine and tuna sandwich

Billy is proud of his Marlins who won the World Series in just their fifth year in Major League Baseball in 1997 and again in 2003, both times getting into the playoffs as a wild card team. The Marlins are the only team in North American professional sports to have never lost a playoff round!